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Mailbox Toppers are made from 16 gauge cold rolled steel. They average 11 inches in length and vary in height depending on the style of choice. The silhouette is welded on a piece of 1/8 thick flat stock for easy mounting.

Toppers are silhouettes mounted on flat stock only and can be used on a deck railing or a grooming arm. Toppers do not have the inside mounting plate used for a mailbox.

Mailbox Toppers are not meant to be placed in high wind areas.

Coat Racks are 19 in length and they can be used to hold several leashes, jackets, keys...
The Coat Rack is available in oak wood (shown) or white.
The Flag Pole is made of 16 gauge steel and is approximately 41 inches tall. Special order for flag is available. Send email for details.
A Silhouettes Weathervane is a majestic addition to any house or yard. Our weathervanes are made from 16 gauge cold rolled steel and coated in a black hammered rust-resistant finish. A Silhouettes Weathervane measures roughly 24 in length and height will vary depending on design of choice.

A weathervane consists of a silhouette of choice, directionals, and rods. The entire ensemble fits into a cupola.


If you do not have a cupola, mounting options are available at an additional charge. Click here to see mounting options.

Lawn Shadows are made of 16 gauge steel. They run between 18 and 24 inches in length and will vary in height depending on the design of choice.
The difference between Lawn Shadows and Garden Shadows is in the size of the silhouette and the length of the mounting bracket (two rods versus one rod).

If desired, a house number, kennel name or shop name can be printed directly on the silhouette in white. When ordering, use special instructions box to indicate printing required.

Garden Shadows add a customized touch to the appearance of your landscape or botanical ensemble. These are made from 16 gauge steel and mounted on a 23" steel rod. The Silhouettes run between 8 and 12 inches in length and vary in height depending on the design of choice. All Shadows are finished with a commercial-grade black hammered textured rust-resistant finish.

Hang-A-Muls are made from 22 gauge steel, covered in a black hammered finish and attached to a quality blue ribbon. Figurines are roughly 4 in length, height is dependent on the design of choice. Hang-A-Muls have a variety of uses:

Curtain Ties
Ceiling Fan Pulls
Window Decorations

Planter Pals are about 4 inches in length, height is dependent on design of choice. They are made out of 22 gauge steel, mounted and finished in black. They are ideal for use in flower pots and small indoor gardens.

Planter Pals come attractively packaged and make Great gifts.

Magnets are made of flexible magnetic material, and are often used as Car Art! They are available in 6 inch or 12 inch sizes. Magnets are normally made with the design pointing to the left. If you need the design pointing to the right; request it in special instructions when ordering.
Key Racks are 6 in length and come with a silhouette of choice mounted on top. They are available in oak or white. They can be used to hold keys, light jackets or leashes.
The Reflector is an additional piece that slides onto the Garden Shadow pole. It's a red or clear plexiglass rectangle that reflects light at night.
Lawn Shadow
Garden Shadow
NOTE: A Garden Shadow is required for mounting.
Planter Pal
Mailbox Topper
Key rack
Coat Rack
Flag Pole

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